Several standard tie bar fittings are used, either to connect multiple tie bars to make longer lengths or provide articulation. Special fittings allow both connection of tie bars and articulation. All ASDO fittings are designed to exceed the capacity of the tie bar and where required have a sacrificial steel allowance.

Turnbuckle and Coupler
Couplers and turnbuckles are used to connect tie bars to make longer lengths. A turnbuckle can be used for length adjustment.

Articulated turnbuckle
An adjustable turnbuckle allows tie bars length adjustment and articulation in one plane of the tie bar.

Link plates
Together with forged eyes link plates provide the most economic articulated joint and the simplest tie bar connection to achieve in site conditions.

Cardan joint
The cardan joint allows tie bars with forged eyes to articulate in both vertical and horizontal planes.