ASDO Tie bar wind bracings

ASDO tie bars bar can be used for cross bracing in a variety of ways but in all cases are easy to install and allow for In-Situ length adjustment to accommodate construction tolerances. When selecting a bracing system the accessibility for installation and overall cost should be considered as well as the aesthetics. The three most common types are shown opposite:

ASDO Tie bar bracing with centre disc

This is the most common system used as it offers the greatest flexibility and gives the best length adjustment capabilities. It should be considered that double the number of clevises are required compared to the other systems.

ASDO Tie bar bracing with cross turnbuckle

The cross turnbuckle can offer a more cost effective alternative to the centre disc, dependent on size, but gives limited in-situ adjustment. Further turnbuckles can be added for greater adjustment. Two angles are offered, 40° ≤ αCT ≤ 140° degrees and 60° ≤ αCT ≤ 120° degrees.

ASDO Tie bar bracing with crossed bars

If the tie rods can be offset from each other (ie are not in the same plane) then bars can be crossed as above. This is the most cost effective solution requiring the least components but has limited adjustment. Turnbuckles can be added to provide greater adjustment.